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canadian schools of feng shui

Learn Advanced Feng Shui Concepts the Easy Way

The Canadian Schools of Feng Shui conducts all courses to the highest standards of academic and professional excellence, while presenting in a simple, easy and fun format. The instructors are experienced and trained to deliver practical applications of the theories and principles of Feng Shui for modern living in North America.

Start your own Feng Shui Business and start earning income within months of graduating.

feng shui certificate program

Learn Feng Shui for your own Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Create your own personal paradise by improving:

- Love and Romance
- Creativity and Children
- Travel and Synchronicity
- Career
- Personal Growth
- Health and Family
- Wealth and Prosperity
- Job Recognition and Promotion

feng shui for real estate

Learn Feng Shui to
Optimize your Business

Create a healthy, prosperous environment for you and your coworkers!

- Reduce stress
- Increase productivity, efficiency and creativity
- Boost company morale
- Decrease absenteeism
- Increase motivation
- Promote workplace wellness
- Maximize profit potential

Add Value to your current business

- Create healthy environments for your clients
- Generate extra income to your current occupation
- Increase your marketability with new skills

Get the edge on the competition

Using Feng Shui in your business will give you the edge over others in your industry. Knowledge is key...knowledge is power.

All Presidents, CEO's, CFO's and key employees must do this...

Make your office a power house providing you the most optimum energy to generate money making ideas, clear thinking and personal well-being. Your competitors already are!

Call: 905-271-0020

* You do not need any prior Feng Shui knowledge to enjoy these courses.

feng shui certification schoolFeng Shui Practitioner's Course

The Canadian Schools of Feng Shui has the most comprehensive Feng Shui Practitioner's Course in North America.

Our program covers Western Style, Compass, 8 Mansions, Landform and many other Feng Shui principles all blended to give you the total package all in one school.

Check out our Course Curriculum here.

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canadian school of feng shui gold member
The Canadian Schools of Feng Shui is recognized as a GOLD LEVEL FENG SHUI SCHOOL by the International Feng Shui Guild. This means the school has successfully demonstrated the knowledge, excellence, training, and experience that are valuable to the public and the industry.

sharon hay red ribbon professional feng shui consultant Sharon Hay is one of only a few in Canada who is recognized by the International Feng Shui Guild as a RED RIBBON PROFESSIONAL FENG SHUI CONSULTANT and has successfully passed the Feng Shui Universal Topics Assessment.

Gloria Steinem - The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.

Oprah Feng ShuiOprah's
...Feng Shui Consultant advised her which way her Chicago desk should face in her office, so Oprah will be able tap into her positive energy direction.

Sharon Hay was featured on SLICE TV's series "Love Incorporated" reality show where she consulted on Annebelle and Justin Parfitt's new apartment in Toronto! Annebelle really wants to have a family. Check it out...Episode 2.

Sharon Hay was asked to be the Feng Shui Expert on the CBC's Nationally acclaimed Home Decorating Show "Steven and Chris". Watch her recent appearance as she talks about how to Feng Shui your home with Plants or read the article.

sharon hay feng shui


Feng Shui: Balancing Love Money and Health

Feng Shui by Sharon Hay

Health: Mind, Body, Soul

Health Feng Shui by Sharon Hay

Stepping Stones to Success

feng shui sharon hay

28 Days to Feng Shui (coming soon!)

canadian school of feng shui

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